Sheep photos

Lambing won’t start for 4 weeks but there are some ewes that look as though they shouldn’t wait that long, especially when you realize that 70% of total fetal growth occurs during the last third of pregnancy.

Sparkle was bred as soon as I put her with the ram. She is due February 18, a month away.

I don’t have a breeding date for Summer, but she is obviously pregnant.

I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t have triplets.

Jimmy is out there with the ewes and he is a very luck sheep. Most males that do not make the cut as breeding rams end up in the freezer. When he was a young lamb, I thought Jimmy had breeding potential. In fact I had a buyer for him. She was very disappointed when, after taking a closer look at him at about 3 1/2 months of age, I would not sell him for breeding. I was knew that his lower horn on the left would be a problem, but what was not obvious until I looked more closely was the freckling.

In this photo you can’t see the freckling, but when I parted the fleece I could see it. Freckling in a young lamb is a disqualifying trait for Jacob sheep registration. It increases with age and it is almost as if a spotted sheep turns into an overall gray sheep. Jimmy has a beautiful fleece (although not appropriate for a breeding ram) so I decided to keep him as a wether. The horn issue was dealt with when he was castrated because, without testosterone, the horn growth slows drastically.

Why keep a wether? When you have to separate a ram for whatever reason, he needs a buddy to keep him company. Sheep do not do well by themselves. The other wether I have right now is Jerry (nice fleece, but too much black for a breeding ram)…

…and he is Faulkner’s permanent buddy.


5 thoughts on “Sheep photos

  1. I’m interested in a Summer lamb… she was a favorite of mine when I was down last. Who was she bred to? How is Hudson and Bella doing? I loved the place mats you got for Christmas! šŸ™‚

    • Summer was bred to Sweetgrass Clint. Hudson and Bella are fine. Hudson is boss in the ram pen, over the other adult, Clint, and the 4 ram lambs. Bella’s fleece was very pretty at shearing.

      • Nice cross for Summer… put me on a tentative list there!

        I bet Bella’s fleece was pretty… That’s how she got her name. šŸ™‚

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