New Buttons

I made new buttons this week. This is a multi-step process and after each step I know that I have not priced my buttons too high. If I were to show all the steps the first photo would be the head of a sheep (butchered for meat). Then there would be the photo of cutting the horns off the dead head. (Lately this step has been done by the person who butchers sheep, but I used to have to do that myself.) The next step is letting the horns sit in a bucket of water for a week or so. The hotter the weather the better, because the slimy parts that are between the bony core and the outside horn get rotten and smelly and then I can pull the outer horn off. Then I’m left with this:

I use a band saw to cut the horns into button shapes. That was a huge improvement over the table saw. I could easily cut a finger off with the band saw but it is probably not as likely as with the table saw. These are pieces that are ready for the next step:

I still need to drill holes and sand these buttons. Then I finish each button with polyurethane.

Rounded buttons.

Squarish buttons.

Shawl pins (without the pin part).

These are for sale on my website


9 thoughts on “New Buttons

  1. Had no idea buttons from horn were so different from buttons from antlers! Antlers just fall off so are dry and can be sawed and sanded, no squimish soaking necessary. Who knew!

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