Weaving in Blue

I got a new loom! It wasn’t from Santa. I realized that if I was going to try to sell Schacht looms I’d better have some examples here. I have the smaller looms, but not a large floor loom. So the week before Christmas my loom came. It’s an 8-shaft, 46″ loom and I ordered a double back beam and sectional beam. Wow! What should the first project  be? Fortunately I didn’t have time to worry about the appropriate first project. I had an order to weave a chenille throw and I’d been putting it off. The deadline was Christmas.

Here is the first warp on my new loom. I think that a 46″ wide chenille throw is a worthy project for the occasion.

Back view of the loom (before adding the extra beam or even the rest of the treadle tie-ups.

The piece on the left is the original throw that I was to duplicate. The loom was a joy to weave on, even with a 46″ wide warp. I am thrilled and can’t wait to wind the next warp.

In the meantime I had a deadline for a piece to (hopefully) be used in the next issue of Handwoven.

This was finished  yesterday and mailed today. Its a v-shawl out of yarn called Bambu Lace.


2 thoughts on “Weaving in Blue

  1. You are amazing. Both pieces are beautiful. I can just feel that the chenille is as soft as velvet and the pattern on the v-shawl was crazy cool.

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