Faces of shearing

Shearing Day was yesterday. We had a great time and I owe a huge thanks to Farm Club and a few other friends who helped.

Some of the ewes waiting their turn.


Our shearer, John. Hailey is scooping up fleeces.

Tina, Kathy & Hailey bag the fleece.

Shelby & Alison as sheep wranglers.

It’s lunch-time. Rusty has his eye on someone’s sandwich.

This is one of John’s wool shearing shoes. It is made of thick felt.

My friend, Colleen, brought her sheep for shearing. This is her ram, Razor.

Look at this face under the skirting table. James was happy to scoop up wool that fell through the slats. He spent most of his time playing in the new sand we got for the parking area.

Here is some of the crew. Others were holding down the fort in the shop.

Faulkner, the BFL, after shearing.

Amaryllis watches, while Dazzle calls for her friends.

Terraza in the pasture.

Mary is glad to find the flock.

This is what is it all about. Beautiful fleeces. So far all the fleeces I have looked at are strong, clean, and gorgeous.


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