Weaving Wonderland

I gave a presentation called World of Wool to the Portland Weavers Guild on Thursday. There are two meetings and the morning group meets at Ruthie’s Weaving Studio. IMG_0106This is a fabulous place. Look at the number of looms here! At Ruthie’s weavers can pay a monthly fee and use the looms and all the other equipment at any time the studio is open.

This loom has 16 or 20 shafts.

This loom is set up with a long warp for overshot coverlets. There is a waiting list for the weavers who want to weave a coverlet using the warp that is already threaded and ready to go.

This is a rug loom designed by Peter Collingwood.

Being able to see this in person I finally can finally understand how shaft-switching works.

Here is a small Jacquard loom.

Look at the size of this warping reel.

Inspirational textiles abound, including this sampler using Moorman technique.

Ruthie’s Weaving Studio

I stayed with a friend (who used to be part of the Sacramento Weavers Guild) not too far over the border in Washington. You catch a glimpse of Mt. St. Helens on the way to her house.  I hope to be back to Portland for more weaving related activities and some sight-seeing.


6 thoughts on “Weaving Wonderland

  1. Robin, wish I’d known you were so close to me during your trip. I live just across the Columbia in Vancouver, WA. Would have loved to see you.

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