The November show at the Artery will be the work of all of us fiber artists. I had plenty of warning about the show (many months) but, because I tend to work from deadline to deadline here is what I’ve been doing in the last couple of weeks.

This is a stunning purple chenille v-shawl that includes a sparkly  yarn.

Close-up of the shawl.

Chenille scarves to be displayed with the shawl. You can’t tell from the photos but there are sparkles here too.

 Rayon & cotton shawl.

Advancing twill blanket in organic Merino wool.



Merino wool scarves that were woven using a “name draft” that I created for Katie’s wedding.

 The end of the warp that wasn’t long enough for a full scarf.

I was just talking to my friend who said that this wasn’t a bad accomplishment considering that I had deadlines for Handwoven magazine, my daughter’s wedding and a concert in my barn all in the last month.




7 thoughts on “Weaving

  1. Those are gorgeous, Robin! Really rich looking colors for fall and the holidays. Can’t wait to get up and see the exhibit.

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