Photos from New England

I have been avoiding my blog because I’m frustrated that I can’t separate my blog from Rusty’s, but I’ll have to wait now until the WP tech-support is back. Oh well. I want to share some of my favorite photos from our trip to New England and Katie’s (daughter) wedding.

Katie and her junior high friend, Camila, who now lives in Boston and was her maid of honor.

Walking down the aisle.

Presenting the bride and groom. Could you choose a more beautiful setting? This is the farm where Katie and Kurtis are living.

My sons and wife and girlfriend — one of each 🙂 .

Katie and her brothers.

Katie, Kurtis & Libby. Libby has been Katie’s horse since Katie was in junior high. She traveled with her to Cal Poly, then Texas, and now Vermont.


One thought on “Photos from New England

  1. beautiful, beautiful….i wish this young couple the very best and look
    forward to meeting katie’s lucky husband sometime soon.
    libbie looks absolutely lovely, despite the many moves.
    your mom’s cousin, katherine–and bill, too

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