Sorting ewes

This is getting confusing. This post is by me, Robin, even though it says it’s by Rusty. He has his own blog and did not write this post and this is not his blog. Rusty’s blog is here.

Today was breeding group sorting day. Many thanks to Dona, a Farm Club member, who helped me all afternoon (and brought cookies).All the lilac ewes or those with lilac parents went to Hudson’s paddock. He didn’t waste time. Three of seven are marked.

Clint whispering sweet nothings to Delilah.

Faulkner  wasn’t to be left behind.

The Puddleduck ram lamb (I still haven’t decided on a name) is on the left in the picture. He isn’t quite 6 months yet and was given a challenging group of girls to work with. He’s starting to get the hang of what he is supposed to do, but the ewes are giving him a hard time.

Ruby Peak Linden and Meridian Clapton are the other two ram lambs I’m using. Linden seemed more interested in food tonight but Clapton got right to business although he had to work hard to reach the adult ewes in his group.

It’s fun to see the colored rears and know to expect lambs in 5 months, but I hope we have some good rains before shearing day so the marks won’t be so obvious.


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