Same lesson learned again

Before I start this post I should say that Rusty was not supposed to publish his post to MY blog. He has his own now. I don’t know what gibberish he was thinking when he wrote that. It must have been the drugs he was given.

MY BLOG POST: What lesson is that? The one about not putting off things that should be done now.This may look like a gate, but it is not. It is a welded wire panel that I open to get in this pen. A gate has hinges and it swings. But enough of that. This panel has to act like a gate in that I need to be able to get into the pen and let my dog into the pen. Here is another view of the panel.

Do you see a problem? If a Border Collie (or a person) goes running through this opening solely focused on sheep he might run into those points. I used to have this covered, but the covering fell off a couple of days ago and I hadn’t bothered to find the wire to fix it. This is the result:

It could have been much worse. Several years ago we had an emergency vet visit for a pig that tore open several inches of skin and fat and was supposed to go to the fair the next day. I guess I could have sewn this up myself but I live only 10 minutes from the vet and she happened to be in and I didn’t want to be bitten and I don’t know what I’m doing. So Rusty had a vet visit. (When he wrote his blog he didn’t seem to know what had happened to him. I didn’t even know he had been injured until later in the day. He ran right past that fence and worked the sheep like he was supposed to.)

So here is the fix for the fence. (Now you know why you haven’t thrown away all the hoses with bad ends.)

Here is the fix for the dog. There are staples and a rubber tubing that acts as a drain. Isn’t that one sad puppy? He wants back in the sheep pen.


2 thoughts on “Same lesson learned again

  1. Robin, What a great post! I am always worried about this with my panels. I have ToNS of hoses that I wasn’t sure WHY I was keeping around. I am going to take this advice!! Wonderful and I’m sorry that Rusty had to get hurt to teach us this!

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