New sheep in the flock

When I went to the Jacob Sheep Breeders AGM I took 9 sheep with me. I came home with 10. That was not the original plan. However, five of those sheep are new to the flock.

I don’t have all the right paperwork yet so I don’t remember what Karen named this little girl, but she is from the bide a wee farm in Oregon.This is bide a wee Jewell. Karen and I were going to trade lambs and when I couldn’t decide between the two lambs, they said that they would trade for both. They have beautiful fleeces and I can’t wait for shearing day! Another new face is this pretty ewe lamb from Mud Ranch in California. I am waiting for her paperwork too and I don’t remember what Joan named her.

This is a preview of the Mud Ranch lamb’s fleece.

This pretty lamb is one of my flock. I feel kind of guilty for not trading or selling her, but not guilty enough that I can’t be glad to have her in the flock. This is the little ewe who almost won Best Fleece in the sheep show. (Is it OK to spend the rest of your life saying I “almost won”? I’m proud of that because she was second to the Kenleigh Acres ram who has consistently won everything he has been entered in (and deserves it).This is my little ewe’s fleece. I guess I need to name her now since she is staying here. Her dad is Tioga and her mom is Zip (out of Zelda, whose mom is Zena). How about Zippy? I don’t know if that has quite the image that I want for her.

The three new girls plus Z— joining the rest of the flock.

I brought home some boys too, but i think they deserve a post of their own.


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