Dreaming, wobbly, what’s on my head?

No one is in the house and the computer is free. MY TURN. I know that Robin set up this blog for me, but she said that she’d need to help me with it…

Things are fuzzy. Spinning. I’m up. Chasing rabbits through alfalfa fields...walking around in the kitchen…can’t see to the side...daisies

I remember getting in the car with Robin. We went to the sheep vet’s place…

Little pink sheep floating through the sky…drool is running out of the thing on my head…biting the old tire swing and flying, flying, flying up in the air…pawing at the plastic thing on my head.

I like the vet when she comes out because it means we’re doing something with sheep. I don’t like going to her place. She had funny things sticking in her ears and she touched my side with the end of it. I had to walk past a scary horse to stand on a wobbly platform. “55” they said.

1 UPS truck, 2 UPS trucks, 3 UPS trucks, 4 UPS trucks, Fed Ex, 5 UPS trucks…I keep running into things…chasing herons and eagles out of the canal…Pawing the plastic thing.

The vet shaved hair off my side and stuck me with needles. Then Robin carried me into the house and the cat came over to bother me. Now this plastic thing bothers me.

...running around sheep, away, come by, away, come by…I remember I helped Robin catch the big ram named Hudson. I think I did it very well and she could get a halter on him to give him medicine. He stays away from me like he is supposed to.

OK. I hear Robin talking to me but I can’t see her unless I turn my head and then I bump into something. I give up.



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