What is that title–alphabet soup? No, it’s the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association Annual General Meeting in Oregon. That’s where I am right now. The AGM is hosted this year by my friends, Shannon and Tony Phifer of Kenleigh Acres Farm. I drove here yesterday with 9 sheep and a truck full of fleeces, dye equipment (for a workshop), etc.

Most of the activities are at Shannon’s neighbor’s place. There is a wonderful barn with plenty of room for all the sheep and people.

Jacob breeders came from as far away as Pennsylvania and Missouri.

Before the official start of activities Karen Lobb of bide a wee Farm gave some pointers to people who had brought fleeces to enter in the wool show.

It could be said that Karen really gets into her job. What do you think? Maybe it was this touch that helped present the winning fleece of the show, exhibited by Joan of Mud Ranch Jacobs.

This is Doug Montgomery evaluating fleeces in the wool show.


2 thoughts on “JSBA AGM in OR

  1. Robyn, thanks for posting pictures of the AGM activities for those of us who were unable to come. keep them coming!!! Thanks!!!

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