“What about Me?” says Rusty

“I just read that last post that Robin wrote and the most important face wasn’t there! I’ll take care of that.”

“This is me when I first came to live with Robin and her family.”

“I remember this day. Robin was taking picture of baby lambs and this one just didn’t understand that I’m in charge here.”

“Who ever heard of a lamb in the house? I don’t know why those people think lambs should be in the house. A lamb in the house…Geeez! (By the way, I think this lamb now lives with my friend, Mobi. I hope Mobi’s mom doesn’t bring the lamb in the house.)”

“This is where sheep should be and this is what I should be doing about 20 hours/day.”

“Sometimes I get to go for runs across the road. Not quite as good as herding, but when there are no sheep around, it’s OK.”

“Robin and her crazy husband took me on a 14 miles hike. I don’t know why they didn’t cool off in the water at the end.”

“Here I am keeping the Farm Club in line and making sure that lamb doesn’t escape.”

“Do you like hearing from me? This is kind of fun. Maybe I’ll sneak to the computer again sometime.”


5 thoughts on ““What about Me?” says Rusty

    • It has been suggested that Rusty have his own FB fan page, but he isn’t sure how to set it up because he doesn’t have his own e-mail address. He has to share mine. Hints?

  1. well, i think lambs, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other gentle creatures ought to be in the house when the people they take care of allow it, don’t you?

  2. Fantastic post. It’s always helpful to “know” what they’re thinking, isn’t it?! And, tell Rusty, Mobi has NO plans for letting Nellie in the house!

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