Photos on the farm




I needed to get photos of lambs to update my website. It’s hard to sell a 5 month old lamb with photos taken when it was 2 months old. I sorted lambs, took photos and then somehow between the camera and the computer the photos were gone. They disappeared off the card. Take 2. Now the sheep were out in the pasture. I had moved the portable electric fence so that the sheep would graze the ditch in anticipation of irrigating this week.

The dallis-grass is heading out. At this stage it’s hard to get the sheep to eat it all. They don’t like the stalks and the leaves are getting coarse.

It’s kind of hard to get photos of sheep in this jungle. The flowering part of the dallis-grass is also sticky. The sheep get sticky grazing here and then the dirt sticks to them. It will take a good rain to clean off the fleeces.

Amaryllis doesn’t seem to mind the dust and dirt.

In fact, I think she likes it.

It’s easier to get photos of sheep back in the corral area.

Do you suppose it’s time to wean some lambs?

A pretty pose.





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