Visiting Vermont

Why Vermont? That’s where my daughter lives right now. I travelled all day Thursday (4 planes and 14 hours) to get here and spent today hanging around the farm. Katie had to work for a few hours this morning so her landlord, Carl, showed me around the place.

The road runs through the property.  The barn and arena are on one side and the houses are on the other. The property goes to the river that is at the base of the hill in the background. The forest on the hills on both sides of the property is National Forest.

This is the house where Katie and Kurtis live. The entrance on the right is a common entrance way. Katie and Kurtis live in the house on the left side and Carl and Leslie live in the back, and have an office on the right, but it is all attached somehow. Everyone shares chores and I don’t think Katie could have found a nicer living situation.

I took this photo of the bed I’m using because that is the blanket that I made for Katie after Christmas. I used a lot of my mom’s handspun yarn to weave it. I was unhappy with the size and the “ruffly” edges after fulling, but it works great on this bed and is quite soft.

Libby will follow Katie anywhere. I think Libby might even remember me.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Shelburne Museum.


3 thoughts on “Visiting Vermont

  1. Awwww, New England. So pretty. 14 hours traveling stinks big time. But I guess if you look that it would take you 3-4 days of straight driving, there is much to be grateful for. Enjoy your visit!

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