CA State Fair Wrap-up

I have just spent an hour trying to upload photos to Flickr so that it would be easy to share a lot of photos. Every time I do it then I get a message that says I’m deleting the album. Grrrr. So I’ll post a few here now and maybe more later.

Shelby, Mary, and Dona helped on show day. Shelby helped clean up and show sheep, Mary held down the fort at the display/sheep area, and Dona took photos.

Dan is showing Meridian Granite and I have Sweetgrass Clint in the Yearling Ram Class.

Here is what the rest of the class was like. Shetlands, Jacobs, and St. Croix (hair sheep). The Shetland at the front of the line in this photo won the class and, ultimately, Champion Ram of the Primitive Breeds Show. Granite was second in this class and Clint was 5th.

My entries in the ram lamb class.

Vickie and Hot Lips in the Yearling Ewe class.

Leaving Shelby with three sheep while Dan and I got two more for the Flock class.

That’s Granite on the right, two yearling ewes, and two ewe lambs. We didn’t shine in these classes, mostly placing in the middle. That’s a little disappointing, but we always tell people new to showing that it doesn’t really matter what the judge says. Many judges aren’t that familiar with Jacob sheep and it seems pretty hard to judge this kind of class anyway. On the other hand, if you win, you certainly tell all!

This is a view of the sheep pens…

…and the display area.

Notice the ribbons here. This is what I work hard to get. I have been trying for 4 years to win the Open Sheep Marketing Award. I got 2nd this year again (although placed over last year’s winner), but was awarded Best Program, Best Educational Presentation (Sheep Herdsman), and 2nd in Best Educational Presentation over the whole 3 weeks of the fair (including all the species shown). So I’m pleased with this and there is always next year to get to #1. Farm Club, are you ready?


8 thoughts on “CA State Fair Wrap-up

  1. Congratulations, Robin!!! That is a lot of awards! Speaking for myself, Farm Club is ready for another go at it next year!

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