State Fair – Day 1 for sheep

We left only 1/2 hour behind schedule this morning to get the sheep and the exhibit to the CA State Fair.  I figured that was not bad after about 4 1/2 hours of sleep!

I went to the fair with much more of a plan than I usually have so I thought that set up would be easy. No! My 8′ x 2.5 sign needed better support than I had planned. Space was a bit different so I had more to fill . I left out some of the elements that I had planned to use because it was starting to look cluttered.

Thank goodness I have such wonderful friends who will help. Too bad that I don’t have photos of them but we were too busy to stop for photos. Thanks to Jackie, Chris, Mary, Dona, and Rick!!! And thanks to Tina and Alison for the design help!


Here is a young fair-goer drawing in the spots and horns on a sheep drawing we provided.


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