More ram photos

I am still trying for those ram photos.

This is Granite.

Clint is still on the run.

The ram lambs that were born at the end of March are finally getting old enough to evaluate them with a little more confidence. I think it’s too hard to tell much about them before 3 months old. Now I can see the width of the horns on the two horn rams. This guy seems to have a nice wide horn spread. I’d prefer that he didn’t have white feet.

Here is another with a wide horn spread. If you don’t start with a wide horn spread at this age, very often the horns grow too tight near the jaw as the ram gets to be a year or two.

This lamb is turning out very nice and I may keep him. He is the last lamb born this year, the son of Clint and one of last year’s ewe lambs. He is a four-horn ram with good horn spacing, nice wool and some leg markings.


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