Black Sheep Gathering – Day 1

Farm Club members, Kathy, Dona, Tina, and Jackie are ready to leave with me and the sheep for Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. Friend, Chris was already in Oregon waiting for us.

Synchronizing phones.


The Shasta County Deputy calling in the suspicious livestock. It turns out that I am the legal owner. What if I hadn’t had the health certificate? The only reason I had paperwork was because I was on my way to an out-of-state show.

Hot Lips thought it was no-big-deal.

Gas stop in Oregon. That’s Jackie’s van behind the truck.

Unloading the van. We had all the gear for 5 of us, dozens of fleeces, spinning wheels, etc packed in the van and the back seat of my truck.

Shaul’s Manufacturing is one of our favorite vendors.

Although I come to BSG primarily for recreation, the purported purpose is showing sheep. I did not bring a yearling ram to the show because I don’t have room to transport one and take all the other sheep in the back of the pick-up. I brought 2 ram lambs to show and, being born in March, they don’t show as well as they might if they were a month or so older. The Jacob breeders are all pretty good friends and we were all happy to find out who won Champion Jacob Ram:

This is Theron with his ram lamb.

Part of the ewe lamb class. Jackie showed her lamb, Nellie (who was a bottle baby from me), Tina showed Venus, and I showed Ventura. We placed 3rd and 5th in this class. I have heard that Nellie will be writing her own version of the show later on (and may have quite a different perspective) and will publish that on Jackie’s blog (Wooly Adventures).

Here is the high point for me. Meridian Hot Lips won Champion Jacob Ewe. She will show again against all the other winners for Supreme Champion Ewe.



6 thoughts on “Black Sheep Gathering – Day 1

    • I took that after the fact even though in the blog it looks like it was before. That’s poetic license, right?

  1. I LOVE that you had the presence of mind, in the face of a police encounter, to take pictures and then blog about it! You are a true blogger! Also, how can a Jacob sheep named Hot Lips not be a champion? Glad there was a happy ending for you!

  2. Congratulations Robin! I agree with Julia, how could she not win with a name like that? 😉 Glad you didn’t get too harassed by Shasta County… They’re out in numbers that’s for sure. Must be something going on! We saw lots on our way home and I saw more again today while in Redding.

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