Something is up there that shouldn’t be.

There are only two reasons that I know of that Rusty doesn’t want to go to the barn. One is THUNDER, which we don’t have very often. Here is the other:


Now that the rain has stopped (and, by the way, it is supposed to be in the mid-90’s next week) this is Balloon Season. I had another Border Collie who was also afraid of the balloons. I’m not afraid of them but I resent them. If some of you like the romantic idea of floating around in a balloon then stop reading this. I don’t want to tarnish your image of them and spoil your fantasies.

Ant Farm. That’s what I feel like when there are balloons overhead. Am I supposed to look up from what I’m doing in the yard or the pasture and wave and smile for a photo? Or do I go about my normal work so “they” in the balloon can observe what we do in our natural setting? I tend to go in the barn and stay there until the balloons are far away.

This morning’s balloons never made it that close, but for Rusty it’s enough to look to the west and see this huge floaty thing that hisses and doesn’t belong in the sky.


8 thoughts on “Something is up there that shouldn’t be.

  1. I have no yay or nay for balloons but can certainly understand why you dislike them so much. Makes perfect sense to me, I hate when people watch what I’m doing. We live right along a main road through town and sometimes it feels like a fish bowl (in the pasture.)

  2. They terrify the landlord’s dogs and the horses and last year several landed in fields surrounding our house. May they all get covered in the ticks that lurk there in unprecedented numbers this year.

  3. You are not alone. I don’t care for them. I think they’re pretty from a (great) distance but would NEVER in a million years get into one, and I too would be not too appreciative if they flew over my house regularly.

  4. One landed in my parents’ meadow one time. They thought it was great fun but it’s a little too “Wizard of Oz” for me!

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