Fun with Chenille

Lori and Kathi both came for a weaving class last month. They both had some prior weaving experience so warped the looms using twill and point twill threadings to weave samplers. This is a great way to experiment with weave structure and color.

Lori and Kathi came back for a chenille class and Mary joined them.

Great job, ladies! I posted this photo on the Meridian Jacobs Facebook page last night and you already have rave reviews!


One thought on “Fun with Chenille

  1. We had SUCH A GREAT TIME! Robin is a fabulous, giving, caring teacher! If you have “thought” of taking this class, I urge you not to pass GO and collect $200, but go straight to the class. You won’t be sorry for your time and effort. There is one friend of ours who wants to take this, so one student is ready to start. Let Robin know you are interested and join our friend Dena this summer.

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