I am not a rug weaver.

A llama and alpaca owner  sent me his mill-spun yarn to weave blankets. The alpaca yarn was OK for blankets, but not the llama–way too much coarse fiber. I wove samples to send to him.

I used the alpaca yarn for the lower left sample. The other two are using llama yarn. I wove them weft-faced as you normally weave a rug. However I am not a rug weaver. There is a lot involved in weaving a firm, sturdy, even rug and, although I admire handwoven rugs greatly, I don’t plan to be a rug weaver. I struggled with this project. I wove the first rug a few months ago and wasn’t happy with it. I was determined to weave at least one rug in my life that was adequate.

I have never used a temple  before but did for this project. The temple is that adjustable wooden bar. It has sharp teeth at the ends and you move it forward every inch or so to keep the weaving width the same throughout the piece. This is slow weaving in comparison to what I’m used to.

Here is the finished rug with a detail below.


6 thoughts on “I am not a rug weaver.

  1. Rug weaver or not it looks good. I just got a 22″ Harrisville folding loom and this has inspired me to maybe try weaving a light floor runner for my hallway. Those hardwood floors are chilly in the morning and it would sure help.

  2. I think it’s beautiful Robin – excellent job! I bet they’ll love it. 🙂 The coloring is also gorgeous… Good thing I like the Jacobs with all the “gray.” 😀

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