Today’s lambing adventure

I really didn’t plan on a bottle baby, but I may have one. Here she is meeting the family.

When I went out this morning Paula had one live lamb and one dead one. As I was doing chores I noticed her pushing some more. I checked and there was a third lamb with the legs and head pointed down inside instead of out. I fished around inside and got everything straightened out and delivered the lamb. It was just about dead when I got it out–completely limp and not taking a breath. I got the lamb breathing but it remained completely flaccid and was losing body temperature quickly. Paula was still licking it so I left it with her covered in a towel while I warmed towels in the dryer. I wrapped up the lamb in the warm towels, tube fed it about an ounce of colostrum, and then brought it to the house and woke up my son so that the lamb could stay snuggled in bed with him while I finished chores. The lamb was still shivering and not trying to get up so I finally brought a crate and a heat lamp in the house.

All that was this morning. The lamb showed enough spunk to try and nurse earlier in the day and I took it back to the barn, but due to the the combination of inexperience on the lamb’s part and Paula’s increasing skepticism that she really had 2 lambs I finally gave up. The lamb is in the house tonight and I’m feeding it.  So far it’s not doing real well with the bottle and I’ve tube fed it a couple of times. I hope that at  the next feeding it will have figured it out.



5 thoughts on “Today’s lambing adventure

  1. I hope she pulls through! My bottle lamb (now a two year old ewe) Edna was very slow in figuring out the bottle… Was frusterating, but she finally figured it out.

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