Lift kit for a computer

If you’re a teen-age boy or anyone I guess who likes big trucks and car stuff then you’ll know what it means to lift a truck (as opposed to the way Superman does it). After a couple of weeks of tax preparation at my computer my back was bothering me. Having had two back surgeries because of sciatica I am very nervous when I have any issues with my back or hip. It’s the sitting that causes problems. A lot of times I’d rather be standing.  I said something about needing one of those fancy desks that rise when you push a button. Here’s my husband’s solution.

Hey, it works! I’m standing right now and I have a bar stool chair if I do want to sit.

Yesterday I went to a class sponsored by the Small Business Development Center. I am going to another tonight on Web Marketing. They offer a variety of classes and also have counseling services for business issues. I found out that there is even someone who will help me get Quickbooks cleaned up! I am so glad to have found this resource. I only hope that they aren’t wiped out by the state’s financial mess.


2 thoughts on “Lift kit for a computer

  1. I like Dan’s idea. I had to switch to a desk chair with many pillows for my weaving bench. The edge was cutting into my hip/leg nerve. I hope the nerve settles down pretty soon.

  2. Yay! Nice job Dan, And I hope you went for your massage Robin!
    Yay Again! See you in the workshop tonight! I’ll probably be a little late if tutoring goes overtime!

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