Farm Club helps out again!

Lambs are due in about a month. That means that the ewes ready for their annual vaccinations. They get Covexin which protects against a variety of diseases caused by Clostridium bacteria including tetenus. They also get MUSE, which supplies selenium and Vitamin E.  By vaccinating at this time in gestation the ewe’s milk will provide a high level of antibody protection to their lambs.

What’s a farmer to do? Call in the Farm Club! We have 3 regular Farm Days a year, but Farm Club members enjoy coming out more often and I am sure grateful for the help and the comraderie.

Shelby and Tina teamed up to vaccinate sheep. Shelby, person, is holding Shelby, sheep.

Dona held sheep while I vaccinated.

Mary and Kathy kept syringes loaded and ready to go.

Tina spent some time at the manure pile. It’s too wet to get the tractor out to the pile so re-stacking the pile needs to be done by hand (or pitchfork). It’s a good workout!

We spent the afternoon enjoying the sunny day. Notice the milk mustaches on these two. The lambs, that is!




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