American Sheep Industry Convention

I spent the last two days at the ASI Convention in Reno. I caught a ride with a couple of friends who also raise sheep. (See Flying Mule Blog in my links). I didn’t take too many photos and I can’t believe that I didn’t take a photo of the best part of the trip. That was the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning sessions presented by Ranch Management Consultants. Dave Pratt is a gifted speaker (who happens to be my brother) and teaches a business school for ranchers. His classes and 6-day school are very intense, but so valuable. Every time I hear him speak I “get it” a little better.

I had my new video camera with me and found my self wandering in the nearly empty casino filming, but I didn’t take anything worth showing to anyone else. I did take a few still photos.

These are some magnificent Merino and Merino x Rambouillet rams, the only sheep in sight at the convention. The ranch also displayed some fine Merino fleeces. I wish that I could harvest a 20 lb fleece!


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