Yeah! New Toys!

I met up with my friend, Irene from Cotton Clouds, to take in TNNA. This is the trade show for yarn shops, designers, etc. WOW!

This is my first trip to TNNA so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but I found a few goodies for the shop. Here is a preview of some of them.

Whimsical artwork by Thomas Joseph.

The very cool SideKick, the newest wheel from Schacht Spindle Co. (will be shipped in May).

Ashford’s newest loom, the Katie. This is a great 8-harness loom that comes with a carry-bag. Everything in front is removed or lifts up so you can get right up to the heddles to thread it.

The Unpattern–creating your own pattern based on your favorite sweater.

Unicorn Fibre Scour and Fibre Wash. wpnderful products for getting fleeces and garments clean.

These products and more will  be on the website soon and in the shop within the next couple of weeks.



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