My new toys

Look at what I got for Christmas!

I don’t have a movie collection like my kids all do, but this is one that I wanted. Its a documentary of the sheepherding in the Montana mountains.

Wow! My son gave me the docking station for my ipod (which he gave me earlier in the year). He had let me use his in the shop when I wanted Christmas music for my Holiday Open House. I thought it was a long-term loan, but then he wanted it back. I guess he felt guilty so he bought me my own.

I asked Santa for this one and my husband followed through. Now I’ll be able to include videos as well as still photos…after I figure out editing.  I spent all day working with the new software that I uploaded for this. I actually really like it because there are features that Picassa doesn’t have, or at least I hadn’t figured out.

My daughter-in-law made this calendar with lots of family photos, including photos of people (and our dogs) on their birthday squares. It is really great!

I gave this to my husband, but I think it was for me. We finally finished our back-porch/mudroom/entryway remodel. It started when we talked to Mike Carson, the blacksmith who demonstrates at the CA State Fair as well as others. In fact, last summer his blacksmith shop was right near the Nursery at the fair and I talked with him when I went to check on my sheep and goat. I have always admired his work but don’t need fireplace tools, not having a fireplace, and can use only so many key-chains, etc.  I have bought some of his gadgets with horse heads, but this year he had a ram head on something. We got talking about doing some custom work and I said that I’d get back to him. Some time after the fair my husband started the remodel project. I have had all my food in laundry baskets all over the kitchen floor ever since because the new entry way was the old pantry. The end was in sight (with Christmas as the deadline) and I called Mike to see about getting this coat rack made in time for Christmas. I sent him photos of sheep and Mike delivered it to me at the Artery when I worked on Christmas Eve Day. Isn’t it fabulous?

These are all sheep from photos that I sent.

Here is the rack in use with hooks to spare, although since then I’ve added my headlamp, gloves, and hat to this. But there is still room!



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