A fun weekend away


I spent the weekend with Shannon of Kenleigh Acres and Joan of Mud Ranch at Shannon’s place in Oregon. The original purpose of the visit was to pick up Clint, a ram lamb for this year’s breeding line-up.

But Joan and Shannon and I turned it into a private retreat.   I taught Joan to spin. Joan gave me photography pointers. Shannon helped both of us with sheepdog issues.  I was trying to figure out what Shannon got out of this deal and I realized that it was Houseguests.

Here is Joan spinning away on the Ashford Travellor double treadle wheel, which worked really well for her.

Shannon is giving Joan’s collie, Hank, his first lesson.

Joan’s Dad is getting pointers from Shannon on how to train his Australian Shepard, Harley.

This is the English Sheepdog puppy, Tolo, at the end of a leash held by Joan’s mom.

Rusty waited patiently for his turn.

Shannon put Rusty through his paces.

It could be said that Rusty is a little too enthusiastic. But more to the truth is that Rusty has been confused by his handler (that would be me). It was very helpful to work with Shannon because she saw things that I was doing that are counter-productive to the way I’d like Rusty to behave as a sheepdog.

I spent some time working on one of the many projects that I brought with me.

I’ll post photos tomorrow of what this became.

Shannon felted a bowl and several soaps while I worked on my fiber project.

It rained all weekend. After all, this is Oregon-what did we expect? The rain cleared on Saturday afternoon, but on Sunday it seemed continuous. The rain has its advantages however.

This fence post holds a whole ecosystem on it’s top.

On the way home I felt as though I had changed seasons. After about 3 hours of driving in the rain I was back to California.

Mt. Shasta always is a spectacular scene.

Rabbitbrush in bloom is a colorful contrast to everything else that is so dry and dusty right now.









4 thoughts on “A fun weekend away

  1. Having been to Shannon’s, I know how wonderful it is. I’m so glad all of you had a special time together. You are all women who lead very busy lives. It’s so important to take time for ourselves. The pictures are wonderful.

  2. Great post Robin! Mind if I steal a couple pictures? I want to use the photo of me spinning on my blog if that’s okay. 🙂 I had a wonderful time with both of you and am grateful for the things I learned. So glad I’m not the only person in the world who can’t spin. 😉 Thank you so much! …Shopping for a use Asheford Traveller if you can find it. Don’t think I can afford new.

  3. we can just hear our twin great grandsons, malcolm and jayden, dribbling out ( in unison of
    course): “BOOFU!” what was that again?–beautiful? we agree!

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