A welcome sight

For the last several years I have been getting hay from a grower north of here. This year I ordered 4 blocks of hay and called several times to make sure that it would get here in time to get it in the barn before it rained. I was wondering if I needed to call again. Then I walked into the north end of the barn and out the south end and was face to face with a stack of hay! The first block was delivered while I was hauling sheep to butcher.

Three more blocks. This is a total of 320 bales.

It is fine stemmed and perfect for sheep.

While in the barn I took sheep portraits.

IDEAL Sunny’s Summer

Kenleigh’s Terraza

Meridian Fanny

Fanny’s daughter, Fran

Meridian Bridget



5 thoughts on “A welcome sight

  1. love all but the part about the butcher. but that’s just me. a sort kinda vegan. amaryllis
    is a sweetie-pie. the sheep are beautiful! the haystack is impressive.

  2. The sheep photos (and Amaryllis!) look even better than usual. Are you using a different setting or different camera?

    The hay looks yummy! (well, that’s what my sheep – and llama – would say!)

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