Overworked Computer?

I had plans to do all kinds of stuff at my computer last night. Update my blog, make website changes, Facebook, update sheep lists after selling a lot of lambs, update photos of sheep, work on handouts for a weaving presentation, etc. Aren’t computers infuriating? It was soooo sloooooow. It took a half hour just to close the programs that were open. (I controlled myself and only clicked the red x or box  once for each task.) It took another half hour to for the computer to turn off and restart. I ran a mal-ware program overnight. No malicious content. Maybe the computer just needed a rest. This morning it seems OK although all I have asked of it so far is to show me e-mail.

Sometimes I have another problem when I work at the computer. This I can identify:

I’m told that getting an Mac would solve all of my computer problems, but I don’t think it would take care of the one above.

While I’m showing Ozzie photos, here is Ozzie with a mouse that friend, Jackie, knit and felted and filled with catnip. Isn’t it cute?


4 thoughts on “Overworked Computer?

  1. Thanks for the reminder on yet another reason we don’t have an inside cat 🙂 I can’t believe how big he is getting! He is very cute and I love his toy!

    I bought a Mac once because I was told the same thing and I resold it after giving it a couple weeks. I love my PC, no matter the problems it gives me sometimes.

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