Farm Club Shenanigans

We had an unscheduled Farm Day yesterday.First order of business was chores.

Stephanie greets the Farm Club. She seems to enjoy pestering Kathy. I think she must smell Kathy’s goats. Everyone had a chance to milk a little.

We’re only milking one side because the kid is nursing from the other. This is Tina milking.

Here is Shelby. I haven’t been putting Stephanie on the stand because she is easy to milk and I’m only milking one side once per day.

We were going to start trimming feet, but got side-tracked when Rusty decided to roll in the leftovers from yesterday’s butchering. The guys that butcher clean up well, but there is always something smelly left. I think he found the rumen contents.  I had just made Rusty an appointment at the vet to remove a foxtail that he’d picked up that morning. I didn’t think that my husband or the vet would be too crazy about holding a really stinky dog. So dog-washing was in order.

We don’t get too fancy with this. A hose and some soap.

Usually I wear my rubber boots or flip-flops. We were trying to keep our feet dry but get all the soap off of Rusty.

Tina and Kathy are trying to get the dogs to pose. Rusty is back from the vet already (foxtail in right ear) and Mobi (Jackie’s dog) wants to play.

We moved on to trimming feet, putting my squeeze chute/flip table into service again.

To get more work done we also tied some of the sheep to trim feet. This is a lamb that needs to be halter broke anyway because she is one I’ve chosen to keep.

The dogs keep watch. Note the trimmed feet. I have trimmed his feet three times this year to avoid foxtails in the toes.

“Well, if you’re not going to let me work, I’ll just lie here.”

We quit trimming about noon. I forgot to take photos of the chute being used for sheep with varying horn types. I think I need some modifications to use it more effectively. Shelby offered to be a sheep. I’m not sure these are the photos I need to work on the modifications, but laughter is always a good thing.

Somehow the Farm Club is starting to remind me of the YaYa Sisterhood. We’re accepting more members!


6 thoughts on “Farm Club Shenanigans

  1. This looks like the “squeeze machine” developed by Temple Grandin, Professor of animal science. Grandin was diagnosed with autism. She developed the “squeeze machine”. The squeeze machine helped calm her down and is now used widely with children/people with autism. Grandin developed the squeeze machine after she saw one used to hold cattle for branding. The cattle would immediately calm down once they were in a squeeze machine. So I’m wondering if Shelby felt a sense of calmness once in the chute?

  2. hmmm, not much calmness was felt_ more terror I think! The bars were quite hard and I had no fleece for padding 🙂 Plus being tipped! But very fun nonetheless. Who needs roller coasters!

  3. LOL… Shelby sure is a good sport! I noticed that about her at BSG, a very nice person to have around. 🙂 You all are definitely like the Yaya Sisterhood. Cute post Robin, looks like a fun group.

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