Our Visit to Texas

I showed photos of my daughter’s graduation in my last post. We had quite a full 2 1/2 days visiting in Texas. I must say that when we left the airport building to find the truck I understood what is meant by the phrase “suffocating heat”. Our 100+ days don’t come with the humidity. That sure makes a difference.

We had a little time to kill between leaving the airport and going to Texas State where Katie had to take her last final (5 p.m. the day before graduation). Cabella’s was on the way and air conditioned. We wandered around Cabella’s looking at all the mounted animals and saw everything from elephants to muskox to prairie dogs…or should I say from Armadillos to Zebras?

Katie gave us a tour of Texas State. It is a beautiful campus.

On Friday Katie showed us the Blanco River where she and Kurtis go to cool off. The river is low now and full of algae. A few weeks ago there was water covering these tree roots and rocks.

I love how the cypress trees spread out at the base.

We climbed about a million stairs to the top of Mt. Baldy, the highest point in Wimberly, where you can some perspective of the country.

Here is another graduation photo in case you missed the last post (!) This is Katie with Kurtis, her boyfriend.

Saturday morning we went riding around the property where Katie has been living. The last time Dan was on a horse was when he was in seventh grade. Katie is riding Libby, her 12-year old mare that moved with her when she left California. Dan is on Slim, a 12-year old quarter horse who was a recent acquisition and a very good deal. He was given up by his previous owner because he was too arthritic for barrel racing. He seems fine for the light work he is getting now. He is also a lot happier than when he was kept in a stall almost 24 hours/day.

My turn. I’m on Libby. She is much calmer than when she was in CA. Is it her age or the fact that she and Slim roam around on 20 to 80 acres when they aren’t being ridden?

Isn’t Libby a pretty horse?

Slim looks forward to his bath after being ridden.

Libby, not so much.

Slim loves the water. Katie and Kurtis and the horses are moving to Vermont next month. These horses are going to have to start growing some hair.

We few home in the evening, chasing the setting sun. With the sun on the west I had views of reflected water and was fascinated by these patterns. But it couldn’t keep my mind off the quick trip to see my daughter. She’ll be moving even farther across the country now. I hope to get to Vermont in the fall.


One thought on “Our Visit to Texas

  1. what a lovely, sweet, albeit vicarious, visit you’ve given us. maybe slim and libby just love being
    pals. it’s nice to have company. as for the other twosome, they look like two peas in a pod,
    bugs in a rug, etc. hope the critters can withstand the long cold winters. hope the people can, too. we hope to go back to massachusetts in the fall to hang with kyle and marie on “pie in the sky” farm. thanks for sharing this happy story.

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