Earning your keep

Alas, no photo. But maybe you wouldn’t want this photo. Ozzie, our kitten (who is featured in a few blogs not too long ago) killed his first mouse! I felt bad taking it from him, but I was not sure that he was even big enough to eat it. So this is great news!   …but Ozzie lives in the house and doesn’t leave it (too close to a busy road)…that means he found the mouse in the house. Not such good news.

While Ozzie is hunting to protect our stores of food from ravenous rodents, Rusty earns his keep with sheep.

This is the group of ram lambs that are left here.

The other day I took Rusty over to work with Jackie’s sheep. She has four sheep and is anxious to start training her dog using her own sheep. We’re using Rusty to get her sheep accustomed to being worked by a dog.

Marley, the Wensleydale, wasn’t cooperating at first. Rusty is hesitant when a sheep looks like it is going to resist. He has been bashed by more than one ewe with horns and I am trying to help him become more forceful.

We’re getting movement.

Job well done.

This seemed to be the coolest place for Rusty. Or maybe he thought that it was the only place that the guinea hens weren’t going to bother him.


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