Exploring our County

I’ve lived in Solano County for 25 years but I had never been to Lynch Canyon until today. Lynch  Canyon is only about 1/2 hour from our place and offers an “open space” experience just minutes from urban centers. It is about 1000 acres managed by the Solano Land Trust and open to the public for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

The Lynch Canyon property is just off the freeway between Vallejo and Fairfield, both good size cities. As we approached Vallejo we saw the fog lingering over the hills. Coming from our end of the county we were dressed in shorts and t-shirts and couldn’t imagine being cold. It’s easy to forget how different the weather can be when you get closer to the S.F. Bay. However, the fog was burning off, and even with the wind we didn’t stay cold long.

I can imagine how pretty this area must be in the spring when everything is green and the wild flowers are blooming. It is very dry now, but the sky was a gorgeous blue and the views were amazing.

The green valley below is where Hwy. 12 enters the Napa Valley.

Not too many wildflowers right now–or at least not much variety. There was plenty of yellow star thistle…

…and purple star thistle…

…and tarweed. None of these are desirable plants, but the sweet smell of the tarweed brings back thoughts of riding my horse in the dry hills during high school. Isn’t it amazing how smells can trigger memories?

Surprise! There were two dry ponds where these purple flowers (mint family) gave a valiant show of color.

This view is looking north.

Can you get the feel of the prevailing wind from this photo? Those are bay trees which are sculpted by the constant wind.

Even though the dry hills are not as appealing as hills covered with green grass and flowers  there is beauty here.


2 thoughts on “Exploring our County

  1. We love Lynch Canyon! There are so many wonderful open spaces to hike in the area. My other favorite place is in Suisun – Grizzly Island … great bird watching! Also your pics are amazing!

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