State Fair Wrap-Up

The CA State Fair is still open but the sheep show was just through yesterday. Between having sheep with horns, putting up a lot of signs and visuals, and demonstrating, our area is the busiest in the sheep barn. I think I talked to more people here than I talk to all the rest of the year.

Here are my  sheep pens. I was shorted one sheep pen so I couldn’t use all the large signs I had made. Small signs on the gates answer the most frequently asked questions: “Why are some of the sheep covered?”  “Is he normal?” (on the adult ram pen), “Are these sheep or goats?”, and “Where are the pigs?”

This is the other part of the display.

I truly appreciate help from friends. This year Joan came on Sunday and Monday and shared the task of Educating the Public.

On Sunday Shelby helped let people pet the sheep and helped me show. Jackie was there also, but I don’t have photos. She took all the show rings photos.

Shelby went out looking for deep fried Snickers or something like that but came back with chocolate-covered bacon. As weird as it sounds it actually wasn’t bad but just one bite made me incredibly thirsty.

Dan likes to avoid the show ring, but he was pressed into service this year, starting with the yearling ram show.

This is Shelby helping show the yearling ewes.

This is our flock entry–4 ewes and one ram.

I chose the young ram, Meridian Granite, for this entry because I think the judge liked him the best of my sheep. Granite placed third in his class, just behind the Tunis sheep. Those of us in this show have decided that 3rd is the new 1st. This year the “Primitive & American Breeds Show” entries were Tunis (meat breed) , Shetlands, Jacobs, Icelandics, and St. Croix (a hair sheep). That’s a tough class to judge and I don’t know if any of us will ever get to first or second as long as the Tunis breeder comes. Not only is the breed hard to compete against in a traditional show, but this breeder shows all over and has a very competitive flock.

Here is the champion Tunis ram. Hard to compete with that. The judge, however, said that he thought my fleeces were the nicest Jacob fleeces that he has seen. He commented several times about the fleeces, so I was pleased with that.

I know it’s going to be hard to win with my sheep so I’m trying very hard to win with my display.

I ended up with some fancy ribbons after all…and some good prize money. That’s Best Program and overall second in the Open Sheep Show Best Marketing Program,  second in Sheep Herdsman, and Best Educational Presentation over all the livestock exhibits at the fair this week. I put a lot of work into this and spent 10 -12 hours at my sheep exhibit each day but it paid off in these awards.


6 thoughts on “State Fair Wrap-Up

  1. Hi Robin, Congratulations on those awards! You really worked hard at it and – and I’m not prejudiced – you had the best exhibit at the fair. It was really professional as well as educational and well thought out. We should have been counting the people who stopped by both your booth and the spinning area – even during the short time I was there on Sunday the numbers were incredible!

    Really great!

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