Trying to get ram photos

It’s State Fair time again. My pregnant ewes are already in the Nursery there;  in fact two have lambed. The sheep show starts Friday and once again I’m trying to plan for a large display. The CA State Fair offers a large award for displays that go along with your livestock exhibit. I was going to use what I already had, but then decided a few days ago that I should make some changes. I have spent ALL DAY at this, as well as a lot of time over the past week. One of the tasks today was to take photos of the two rams that sired the 2010 lambs.

Easier said than done. That’s Meridian Tioga in front and Kenleigh’s Savor in the rear.

They aren’t actually running at me. They are running along the fence line to go back in the barn. But they have a narrow paddock and it was hard to position myself to get decent photos, especially since they kept together. Besides I don’t really like kneeling down to take photos when I’m in there by myself.  With plenty of cropping I finally got photos that will do. Next time I need to allow more time!

Kenleigh’s Savor

Meridian Tioga


3 thoughts on “Trying to get ram photos

  1. Wow Savor sure has matured nicely … Definitely looks like a “dude” now! 🙂 His sister Serenity is very petite, but so pretty. Have fun at the fair!

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