Kitty is still here.

It’s been two weeks and this kitty is still here. Does this mean we’re keeping him?

He’s sure cute.

The main issue is dealing with the dogs. Rusty hasn’t shown any aggression. In fact he wants to play. But he’s awfully big compared to this little kitten and I feel like I have to watch constantly. At night I put the kitty in a crate so that I know that everyone is safe.


3 thoughts on “Kitty is still here.

  1. Knowing kitties, they’ll take care of themselves. They’re quite capable of defending most of the time and if he grows up with Rusty he’ll probably become buddies and they’ll learn to respect eachother. My dogs are quite respectful of my cats — they have an understanding. Good idea about the crate while he’s still small. And ENJOY! 😀

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