Another sheep show and new friend?

Only 3 days after Black Sheep Gathering the crew is together again.  This time it is at the Solano County Fair in Vallejo. Julie (Black Oak Jacobs) and I both have our sheep there right now and today was show day.

Julie and I showed both of my yearling rams. Savor is on the left and Tioga is on the right. They look a lot alike in this view, but they have very different fleece types, both within the Jacob breed standard, but quite different. I should take photos of fleece tomorrow.

After a quick sheep handling lesson, Chris helped me show in all the other classes and Shelby helped with Julie’s sheep.  Thanks to both of them for helping out. Thanks also to Jackie for taking photos.

One of Julie’s sheep had a surprise baby this morning and Shelby took over baby-sitting.

Back home this evening. What are those dogs looking at?

This kitten has been hiding out under my shop for a few days. I started feeding it to entice it out. I don’t want or need a cat, but I couldn’t let it starve under there. He has been very hungry and I caught him tonight while he was eating. I don’t know if he is truly wild because he has sure settled down quickly–not what I’d expect out of wild kitten. But if he isn’t out of a feral cat then I don’t know where he came from.  I’m going to have to keep him in the crate for now because I won’t be home to deal with the dogs. I could barely get Rusty to eat  because he is so obsessed with the kitten.He has done nothing but stare all night. At least Rusty is entertained.

Anyone want a kitten?


2 thoughts on “Another sheep show and new friend?

  1. Keep us posted on the little kitty, Robin! She was so sweet natured and fell asleep in the as of those holding her, I hope she goes to a great home!!

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