Fun with Friends at Black Sheep Gathering

What a fun weekend! Three friends and I traveled to Eugene, Oregon for Black Sheep Gathering. This is such a cool event. Sheep show, vendors, classes, and fun events all under one roof.

Everything is packed, sheep are in the truck, and we are ready to leave.

I took only lambs for the show, but was pleased to win first place in a large ram lamb class. My ram lamb, Meridian Granite, went on to win Reserve Grand Champion ram. I’ll be showing him at the Solano County Fair on Wednesday.

There is a huge variety of sheep at BSG. This Wensleydale  was quite an attention-getter.

Black Sheep Gathering isn’t just for sheep. Shelby helped another friend, Julie, show her goats and I even got in the show-ring for one class.

Each of us took advantage of the classes that were offered. Chris took a sock knitting class and ended up with an almost-finished baby sock.

We also all brought plenty of projects to fill time.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the Spinners’ Lead. This entry involves wearing (or displaying) something that you have hand felted or handspun and showing off the animal (or a representative) from which the fiber came. Jackie worked non-stop for several weeks to spin enough yarn for this knitted ruana. Then she helped halter break the lambs and, finally, knit and felted a grain bow. I wore the blanket that keeps my side of the bed warm in the winter and a knit cap. At the last minute I decided to accessorize the ensemble and weave wrist warmers (for me and the sheep) and an i-pod pouch. I also made the lamb’s halter out of my wool, using my rope machine. Jackie won the non-owner division and was awarded a bag full of prizes.

Last, but not least, I took a sharpening class on Saturday. I got lucky and the instructor used some of my dull equipment for his demos.

What a great weekend spending a relaxed time with friends. I will have BSG on the calendar for next year.


5 thoughts on “Fun with Friends at Black Sheep Gathering

  1. Congrats on your first place winnings! I’ve always wanted to go to BSG but something always comes up … BSG 2011 here we come!!

  2. Congratulations, oh She-Who-Rules-the-Jacobs-World! Your visits to the Black Sheep Gathering are always exciting.

    Question, what are you sharpening in the final photos? I was curious, as you must have just happened to have them with you, or did you know there would be a sharpening demo?

    • This was a class I signed up for in advance. The instructions said to “bring one item” that needed to be sharpened. I brought 3 pairs of scissors, 2 sheep shears, foot clippers, and 5 kitchen knives. That was one of my kitchen knives. I just looked at the blog and realized that I put in 2 of the same photo and had typos at the end. I was falling asleep and trying to finish the blog entry. Good thing that wasn’t my bookkeeping.

      Robin Lynde Meridian Jacobs Vacaville, CA

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