How I have spent 22 Mother’s Days

The Dixon May Fair is the longest-running fair in California. It is always Mother’s Day weekend. My oldest son started showing dairy cattle in 1988 and I’ve had kids at the fair ever since.  The kids can show as FFA members for one year after they finish  high school so this was my youngest son’s last show. He was at the fair from Tuesday through Sunday and left Sunday night for his job on a hotshot crew north of Redding.

Chris has shown dairy goats each year since he started in 4-H.  He sold some of his goats last summer when he left for the fire-fighting job, but had two two-year old milkers at the fair this year. Chris is showing Devan and a friend showed Denise.

This was a very small show, but Devan won Champion…

…and Best Doe in Show. Chris showed her dam at the CA State Fair two years ago and won Champion Toggenburg.

On Sunday Chris competed in Supreme Showmanship, in which the showmanship winners of each species compete.

Each participant shows sheep,

beef cattle, dairy cattle, meat goats, dairy goats, and swine. Chris won second place in this event. And then it was over. Chris rushed home to leave for the job. I went back to the fair to get the goats when they were released. That’s it! Not as big an adjustment as last year when Chris left home for the job for the first time, but now my years of 4-H & FFA Mom is over.

But I’m still a mom. Here is the Mother’s Day present that Chris gave me!!!!


3 thoughts on “How I have spent 22 Mother’s Days

  1. What incredible memories you and Chris will have! I was on Skype with Quin this morning, who now lives in Tokyo. She and I were laughing about stuff she and I did when she was a kid. Quin is now 28 yrs. old! So these moments with our children fly by fast!

  2. Oh, you are going to LOVE that iPod when you are weaving! You need a case for it to hang around your neck (I usually stick mine down my shirt when I’m felting to keep it dry and to keep the cords out of my way). But all the music and audiobooks and things you can listen to are just the best. You did a good job with that boy, Mom!

  3. Ditto what Julia said. Garrison Keillor says if you do a great job with your kid and they’re fun to be with and you love chatting with them, the kid will up and leave home. If you do a crappy job on your kid and they’re a drag on your heart & pocketbook, and you have nothing to say to them, they move into the basement and stay forever. YOU did a great job with Matt, Katie and Chris. They’ve moved on to live their own wonderful lives. Damn. : O

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