A Great Day to Meet the Sheep

Meet the Sheep is our annual spring Open House. After a rainy week we were very lucky that it didn’t rain. We were even luckier that the sun eventually came out.

It feels so nice to get the shop cleaned up. I wish it could stay that way.

Colleen of Fiber Confections brought her fiber and some sheep.

Colleen has a couple of bottle babies that were a great hit.

Another friend, Julie, brought her goats and also demonstrated dyeing mohair.

I have some great photos of kids (people) holding kids (goats) and Julie’s bottle lamb, but I didn’t ask if I could use them here.

I’m sure Tina won’t mind a photo on my blog.

It’s hard to take a photo when a sheep sneaks up on you…

…especially when she gets in front of the camera.

I’m off on a short vacation tomorrow. Watch for photos of snow and desert!


4 thoughts on “A Great Day to Meet the Sheep

  1. We have been searching for a breeder of Jacob sheep locally. We are in Burleson, TX. My sister purchased one years ago from a breeder near Rio Vista. Are you local? If so, do you have a website or could you pass along your contact info?

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