Three weeks — 81 lambs

This calendar is what I use to keep track of lambs. I have a whiteboard in the barn as well so that I can record BOSE injections, banding tails, etc.  Here are today’s lambs, # 77 through 81.

This is Sparkle and her twins waiting while I clear out another jug. She lambed early in the morning.

This is Haylee and her newborn twins.

This looks almost gruesome but everyone is just fine. Mom is a yearling, Annette, and delivered a big ram lamb. All 4 horns are prominent already. Most of my yearlings lambed this week.

Where are the spots on this one? A friend of mine came by yesterday and asked if i could babysit some of her animals while she dealt with some medical problems. This is a Merino lamb–kind reminds me of one of those wrinkly dogs.

And the little guy is the puppy that I’m babysitting.

Here are today’s jumping lamb photos:


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