Spring yet?

It was sunny this weekend and it felt like spring. The sheep have been cooped up in the barn and corral area for two months now. I let them into this small field today. There is a lot of grass to eat, but it is still wet and if I keep them there too long they’ll turn it into mud.

The sheep went right to eating, but the goats continued to race back and forth.

The oldest goat, Stephanie, didn’t participate in the silliness of the younger goats.

Too bad for the rams. They have to stay in their own area. This is Kenleigh’s Savor in front and Meridian Tioga in back, both born last winter.

This is Lola, a lilac ewe.Ā  That reminds me (because I sold her fleece) that we had Farm Day on Saturday. Three people were here to help with sheep chores. It was great to have the help. We vaccinated all the sheep, wormed the young ewes, and put in scrapie tags.

We even trimmed a few hooves. Shelby is trimming while Jackie keeps the sheep from moving around too much. I don’t flip my sheep anymore to trim feet. I’d rather tie them to trim feet. It has the added advantage of sort of halter-breaking.

Everyone had a hand at trimming feet, but this is Shelby again while Tina holds the sheep.


5 thoughts on “Spring yet?

  1. It has felt like Spring here as well – no daffodils though šŸ™‚ How did you ever get the sheep back in??? My sheep have had a little access to the pasture and they are very reluctant to go back to the barn. Savor is looking good – I hope he throws some nice lambs for you.

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