Bare trees

If you start humming a  Fleetwood Mac tune and visualize the album cover when you see this blog title then you are dating yourself. But it doesn’t really have anything to do with that. It’s just what I see on my dog-walks across the road.

See all those clumps of mistletoe in the bare black walnut tree?

I found this interesting because in this tree the mistletoe is dying. There are mistletoe skeletons in the tree skeleton. I didn’t pay attention to whether or not the  tree is actually dead too.  However, the mistletoe at the bottom of the tree is alive.

Do you see all  that gray sky? I am so tired of dreary, drippy, cold, sunless days. It seems as though the fog will never leave. I hope that the next song title I am reminded of is by the Beatles:  Here Comes the Sun.


2 thoughts on “Bare trees

  1. I started humming the tune before I saw your title; that’s scary. Hope the fog lifts soon for you. I’m trying to find the beauty in it here–the way it shrouds the trees and mountains so mysteriously. But a little sunshine, or snow, would be nice…

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