Wednesday was Display Day at the Artery, the artists’ coop where I sell my handwoven pieces. We expand into the Gallery area for the month of December so all of us get a little more space for our items. Here is my area:

Those are all chenille scarves on the left, v-shawls in the middle and a couple of Jacob blankets on the wall.

This is my newest idea–pet leashes. Here is a close-up:

Now I’m working on custom weaving orders.

This blanket is for a customer in Nevada. The gray yarn is her Jacob spun at Yolo Wool Mill and the stripes is her handspun. This blanket will be finished tomorrow and next on the loom is a king size blanket for another customer.


3 thoughts on “Artery

    • The Artery has had the wooden lady silhouettes for a long time, but I recently copied them and had my husband cut out a couple for me for other shows. I used the same idea for the dog. I found a Scottie dog on the web and traced it. Then I had it enlarged and my husband cut that one out too. I designed the spiral racks and my son made those in his high school welding class. They’re heavy, but make great displays. Thanks for your comments.

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