Chenille scarves

I have been working on scarves for a few weeks.  I’m designing scarves for Cotton Clouds kits as well as weaving for holiday sales.


This is a scarf woven from all the cones in a recent chenille delivery. I used each color twice with 6-thread stripes.


This scarf was designed after someone in my Weekly Weaving Workshop class asked how to weave a scarf with pure colors in two stripes. The next scarf is on the same warp, but you can see the dark weft crossing the light weft.




I had a hard time taking photos of this scarf. I need to try again. This warp has black yarn alternating with odds and ends of green and variegated yarns. See the table below. If there is 3 yards left of a color I have kept it knowing that it would be enough for a scarf warp. So the scarf in the photo uses the greens. I have a few more scarf warps to create from the cones below.



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