1, 2, 3…504

504=Number of bales of alfalfa to move into the barn last weekend. At 30.55 tons that’s about 120 lbs/bale.

I finally got my hay. I looked at hay and committed to a truckload 2 months ago. But even though I tried, I couldn’t seem to get delivery during the summer, when we would have had time to move it into the barn over a period of weeks. I got a call Friday night that said the hay would be here Saturday morning.

I had planned to go hiking with my son, Chris, near Redding, but I called and asked if he would change plans. I am grateful to Chris  (and my husband, Dan) for spending Saturday afternoon moving hay. And I am most grateful that they were both cheerful about it. What a nice feeling when no one is grumpy and complaining.

This photo doesn’t do the hay stack justice. There are 6 stacks on the right that need to be put in the barn. The squeeze dropped one stack on the left and there is another stack not in the photo.

hay stack-w



This is from inside the barn looking out.


Notice the hay in the stall with the door. That stall is completely filled and then we fill the adjacent stall (with no front wall) and the one across the aisle. We also end up with 2 pallets-width in the aisle of the barn and more hay at the other end.


After the first 6 stacks had been put in the barn then we could get into the barn with the tractor,  so Dan picked up a lot of the stack that had been spilled. Looks easier, at least for Dan.



Dan has “teacher hands” now and even through gloves they took a beating. Chris’ hands are a little tougher since he’s been fire fighting all summer.

sunset 1-w


sunset 3-w


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