The newest lambs and the newest weavers

It’s hard to take photos when sheep are in pens. This is Mary who lambed last week at the CA State Fair Nursery. She has triplet ewes. Madeline is next to her and lambed a couple of days ago, also with triplet ewes! They are quite the crowd-pleasers.


The sheep show is this weekend.  I’m there with 8 sheep (not counting the sheep in the Nursery) and a big display. Today I took one of my portable rigid heddle looms to work on. Some of the girls who were there with their family’s sheep flocks were hanging around and watching me weave. After I finished a scarf I told them that they could all try it. I finally decided to just let them weave one. Three girls traded off and finished a scarf. We warped the loom again for another and tomorrow I’m going to take another loom and a basket full of yarn. I’ll let them keep weaving as long as they want to. Another great crowd pleaser!


These are 2nd to 5th graders. I got them started and they’re doing great!



They’re tying the fringe here.


These girls sure make it look easy. Maybe they can sell looms for me.!


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