Weaving odds & ends

I won’t say that I’m catching up with my things-to-weave list, but I’m plugging away at it. I have sold about half of the baby blankets on the PURPLE warp.


but have enough left to put some on the website and maybe resurrect my etsy listings too. I have a new baby blanket warp on the loom ready to thread. Not everyone wants a purple blanket for a baby gift and that’s all I have right now!

Here’s a full-size blanket that I finally finished for a customer using her yarn.


This is a blanket for another customer who sent me her Jacob wool.

da roza plaid-2-w

da roza plaid close-up-w

And here’s a funky bag. I’m experimenting with felting up some odds and ends of wool fabric to create bags. I think they’ll get better as I perfect it.


I have taught a couple of weaving classes in the last few weeks as well. Here are the participants and their scarves:



It’s sure nice now that I have room in my shop to have 5 people weaving at once!


5 thoughts on “Weaving odds & ends

  1. Visited your blog today, and enjoyed it. We live on the other side of the country, in VA, I weave/teach weaving also and find it very refreshing to see other weavers and weaving instructors starter projects, finished works, work spaces and blogs.
    Nice work and thanks for a pleasant respite today (at your blog).

    • I was going to e-mail you tonight. Chris said that he just got off 30 hours on the fire in your area. In fact he was somewhere where he could see your barn and hear your sheep in the middle of the night. He had quite an insightful comment for a teenage kid–told me that at 3 a.m. he could see lights from houses and cars down below, fire up the mountain, and stars above. He said he felt as though he were in a war scene in a movie and had experienced every emotion you could have.

      I hope that this fire passes all of you by with no harm. Robin Lynde Meridian Jacobs Vacaville, CA http://www.meridianjacobs.com

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